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Sake for “HOPE”

9.11 is approaching again this year. Since the horrific tragedy in 2001, the City of New York and New Yorkers have been fighting the difficulties and recovering from the incident.
Japan had the horrible disaster in 2011, too. The Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami caused serious damages to a large area in Tōhoku region.

Rikuzentakata-city in Iwate-prefecture was one of them. Rikuzentakata is located approximately 88 miles south from Ninohe-city in where Nanbubijin Brewery is. In order for the recovery from the disaster, the people in Tōhoku have been working hard like New Yorkers. Today, we introduce a sake from Rikuzentakata-city.


The sake is called “KIBŌ” from Suisen Shuzō Brewery. The word “kibō” means “hope” in Japanese, the sake represents the hope of the people in Tōhoku.

According to the brewery, they lost everything, even including seven workers, due to the earthquake and tsunami.

Yet, they had never given up! The brewery rose from the rubble to create their first ever sake to be distributed to the U.S., and that is the KIBŌ sake.

You can purchase KIBŌ at Vintry Fine Wines in Barrery Park City, New York City.