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Our Achivement Cheers! with Sake

Cheers! with Sake

Nanbu Bijin’s Innovative Path from Iwate to the Overseas Market
Author: Kosuke Kuji

How did the fifth generation owner/brewer of Nanbu Bijin, a historic 120-year old sake brewery in Iwate, spread Japanese sake culture around the world? Learn the secret of how he grew his company into a world-renowned brand.


Nanbu Bijin, located in Ninohe, Iwate, is a long-established sake brewery with a 120-year history. The author, the fifth generation to run the brewery, had a strong desire to make Nanbu Bijin a world class brewery. In the late 1990s, Nanbu Bijin became the first sake brewery to enter the overseas market.

At that time, sake made in other countries was being sold overseas as Japanese sake, and even if sake was made in Japan, it was sold in a deteriorated state without proper temperature control, giving the impression that most sake was not high quality.

Amid these obstacles, Nanbu Bijin brewery promoted their sake throughout the world. They introduced how to enjoy Japanese sake, how to pair it with each country’s local cuisine, and how to properly store it.

This book describes how a 120-year-old sake brewery grew into a brand that can compete on the world stage. It is a reference for those who seek to establish their own brands globally and for those who seek to transform traditional industries.