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Our Achivement To inherit tradition

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We want to produce a clean and beautiful sake.



Our company was founded in 1902, “Nanbu Bijin” was named after, based on our wishes and concepts.

Our wishes was to produce a Japanese sake with clean and beauty flavor by Mr.Tadashi Ito, who was the director of the Tax Office in Ninohe city, and Mr.Hideo Kuji, our ex-president, because there were so many row quality sake with rice-polishing rate sake and with off-flavor.

We named our sake as Nanbu Bijin.

The word, Nanbu means the region, and Bijin means beautiful woman.

Our concepts was to brew sake with water, blessed with lush and beautiful natural reserves in Nanbu region.



Handing over the techniques and pursuing an authentic quality.

Mr. Jyunji Matsumori, Nanbu Toji, he is in charge of Nanbu Bijin as head of Master Brewer.

He, together with the 5th president, Mr. Kosuke Kuji, makes sake with view for visiting old, learning new in mind.

Mr. Jyunji Matsumori and Mr. Kosuke Kuji, both are disciples of Mr.Hajime Yamaguchi, was one of the best chief sake makers in Japan at that time and both of them has same sprits to hand over techniques and to pursue an authentic quality.


Mr. Jyunji Matsumori and Mr. Kosuke Kuji are certified as skilled Brewer by Iwate municipal government and such examples are very rare.

We have a high reputation for our high level technology for making Japanese Sake.

Mr. Jyunji Matsumori has received high praise in Japan and abroad, such as 6 consecutive years Gold Award at National New Sake Appraising and Deliberating Fair, Gold awards at U.S. National Sake Appraisal and at Monde Selection.




Mr. Jyunji Matsumori & Mr. Kosuke Kuji with traditional technique and young brewers in his 40’s are challenging to produce an ultimate sake with the fusion of traditional technique, young passion and power and we shall continue to hand down the art of handmade technology.