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  • 代表取締役社長 久慈 浩介Members of the Board

    We aim to produce Sake like the sun, which makes everyone full smile on drinking. We also commit to introduce our traditional Japanese culture Sake and contribute to become our Ninohe city‘s local Sake well known globally.

    Certified Skilled Brewer by Iwate municipal government.

  • 代表取締役会長 久慈 浩Members of the Board

    The Japanese Sake industry has a long traditional history.We have to keep the good sake making technology lasted from old ages, on the other hand, we also have to challenge to create new things.Our company’s fundamental policy is “Visiting old、learn new".We are focusing on our company's business with all staff’s power together.

  • 取締役副社長 久慈 邦子Members of the Board

    I am mainly in charge of accounting,
    I am putting my highest priority on the relationship with our customers. We are sure to work hard to make our Sake to be loved by everyone.

  • 取締役常務 久慈 雄三Members of the Board

    I would like to assist to deliver the wishes of Kousuke, our president, to our customers. I am also concentrating on making pure-rice sake with fully fermented.

  • 営業本部長 久慈 隆Members of the Board

    Sales representative for the Ninohe city region. I think it is
    important to build up trustful relationships with customers. I will continue running around in order to drink Southern Beauty for more people around the world.

  • 監査役 久慈 里佳Members of the Board

    I am in charge of audit of accounting and operating.
    I would like to enjoy drinking Japanese Sake for more customers with lots of drinking styles.

  • 杜氏(製造部) 松森 淳次Sake brewery craftsmen

    I am in charge of Sake making in general to supervise the entire brewery building management, the book keeping, sake brewery craftsmen management, etc. I would like to offer our sake in condition that everyone can understand the sake difference by the type of brewing, such as pure-rice sake, Ginjo-shu.

    Executive Craftsmen Official license holder of chief sake makers, Nanbu Toji (Iwate Prefecture Toji group) Certified Skilled Brewer by Iwate Prefecture

  • 副杜氏(製造部長) 田村 誠Sake brewery craftsmen

    I just start working as a General Manager of product department. Up to now, the responsibility becomes as heavy as twice, but I would like to offer our sake to our customers, and also hope to make our customers become happy with full of smile.

    Official license holder of a chief sake maker, Nanbu Toji (Iwate Prefecture Toji group)  Certified Skilled Brewer by Iwate Prefecture First class licensed brewer (Japanese Government Licensed Brewer)

  • 製品部長 玉川 聖士Sake brewery craftsmen

    I will do my best to provide our Sake to our customers with good quality and condition from manufacturing, production and shipping.

    Official license holder of a chief sake maker, Nanbu Toji (Iwate Prefecture Toji group)  Certified Skilled Brewer by Iwate Prefecture

  • 槽頭(製造部) 高村 重光Sake brewery craftsmen

    I am in charge of the management of the fermentation mash and pressing. We have a lot of steps to make Japanese sake, I would like to corroborate our power together and make our company energetic.

  • 酛屋(製造部) 竹林 忍Sake brewery craftsmen

    I am in charge for the management of fermentation starters.
    I want to make a beautiful Japanese Sake, being loved by local people and drinking by a lot of people of the world.

  • 追廻(製造部) 梅内 元太Sake brewery craftsmen

    I am in charge of preparation of work in the brewery building section, including setting for available tools, washing them, helping our colleague’ variety of works.
    I want to offer delicious Sake with my best sprits.

  • 製造部 紫葉 由紀子Sake brewery craftsmen

    I want to put every steps into practice in order to offer delicious flavor Sake, of course, I knew every processes to be required is not easy.

  • 追廻(製造部) 笹木 貴史Sake brewery craftsmen

    I just start working at product department and supporting my senior Sake brewery craftsmen, learning their techniques and to be a professional one, who can make beautiful taste Japanese sake.

  • 追廻(製造部) 中里 賢治Sake brewery craftsmen

    I have many things to learn, but I want to acquire the technique during daily tasks and want to be a professional Sake brewery craftsmen.

  • 工場長 小野 寿一Staff

    I have been working for 27 years and am the longest working carrier among us. My preference for sake has changed, to drink warmed sake even in hot summer.
    My tasks are very important, so I must pay attention to anything in the factory, including staffs matters and facilities in general.
    I want to appeal our local sake “Southern Beauty” with my staffs so that many foreign people could nominate our brand.

  • 営業部長 三澤 淳一Staff

    I am doing my best every day to increase our sale as a Director of Sales department and to increase the number of Japanese sake fun as well.

  • 総務部長 久保田 志津子Staff

    I am in charge of general affairs in our office, mainly dealing with welfare for employee but sometimes with sales , including the assistance for telephone call and retail department. We have to cope with many things, comparing to these of years ago. I want to keep my mind and physical conditions flexible to response.

  • 財務部長 吉田俊樹Staff

    I am in charge of accounting and finance.
    I want to support our company to provide our sake stably from accounting and financial points of views. I personally like to drink our sugar free plum sake to be warmed.

  • 営業課長 平野 雅章Staff

    I decided to enter this company because I thought lots of Japanese sake possibilities for several of the taste and various drinking scenes could be imagined. I want to do my best effort to contribute more and more domestic and foreign people can enjoy our Southern Beauty.

  • 広域エリア担当長 冨着 いちこStaff

    I want to appeal to the women and the people of my ages, for the real taste / style of Japanese sake and sugar free liqueur, because I come from Okinawa prefecture and able to appreciate the taste of Japanese sake and liqueur.

  • フロント業務 齊藤 哲久Staff

    I am in charge of logistics for deliver. I will want to do my best to deliver our product speedily to our customers.

  • フロント業務 松原 有子Staff

    I am in charge of shipping, and try to do my best to please our customers, keeping the important of human relationship in mind.

  • フロント業務 柴田 美仁Staff

    I am in charge of retail sales, and focus on the sales on the WEB. We will deliver quickly our product to our customers in a clean status. Not being satisfied with the status quo, I will do my best so that I can have deep relations with our customers without forgetting daily efforts.

  • 製品部 横田 和也Staff

    My job includes the order of the necessary materials and the inventory management. I want to work with my best wishes until the goods arrive at our customers.

  • 製品部 配送・出荷担当 下斗米 良男Staff

    I am in change of bottle packing. Especially pay attention to heat sterilization and storage in order to deliver flesh and delicious Saka to our customers.

  • 製品部 濾過担当 田中 礼市Staff

    I am in charge of filtering and blending of sake. I want to treat our each product with great care. I also want to keep good communication with each our department and do our best to produce good Sake.

  • 製品部 詰口担当 勝又 純孝Staff

    I work every day paying attention to deliver our sake with our craftsmanship for our customers and customer’s customers with great care.

  • 製品部 詰口担当 大向 習斗Staff

    I am in charge of bottle packing, I still have many thing to learn, but I want to contribute to make good sake with my personality in various situations. I want to drink my Sake soon. Cannot wait!

  • 製品部 詰口担当 柴田 直子Staff

    I am in charge of bottle packing. My Job is including bottle washing, bottle checking, hot and cold sake packing, and bottle capping, labelling and packed in a case boxed. I do my best to deliver sake in a fine status.

  • 製品部 工藤 絵理子Staff

    I am in charge of bottle washing and checking and want to do any kinds of jobs , including packing and labelling, etc. with the advice from our senior staffs.

  • 製品部 千葉 皐月Staff

    I will try my best to deliver products that satisfy our customers and handle with great care for each product.

  • 酒粕担当 高瀬 浦Staff

    I have 20 years’ working experience for Sake lees. I am doing my best to make delicious sake lees good for health and beauty.

  • 酒粕担当 田口 純子Staff

    I am in charge of not only Sake lees, but also of many jobs in the brewery building.
    I like to drink a sweet drink made from Southern Beauty’s Sake lees and doing my best to offer the fine taste sake with delicious sake lees every day.