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We can use the plenty of subsoil water from Orizumebasenkyo.

It consists about 80% with water in the components of the 1 Sho-Bottle (1.8 liters).

All brewery has their prides for water, fostered by a rich natural environment.

We are blessed land with water benefits.

We can use the plenty of subsoil water from Orizumebasenkyo in Prefectural Natural Park

We have own well of about 5m depth out of boiling in our sake brewery.

It is surprising to tell you that the color of water springs out is “azure blue”.


This subsoil water is classified as medium hard water.

Calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium promote the growth and fermentation of yeast and koji, rice malt and these ingredients help make the full-bodied sake

On the other hand, Iron is representative elements of the harmful ingredients for the brewing water

Iron gets a color of brown to sake, and bad taste and smell as well.

In addition, manganese, heavy metals does not give a good effect on the quality of sake.

Breweries used to be located on good water obtainable land, but now, it is difficult to get good water due to the Environmental destruction.

We are lucky to use plenty of subsoil water from Orizumebasenkyo for Nanbu Bijin sake.

Water for preparation Analysis table
codewell water in side
organic substance2.3
Silicic acid49.4

Conditions for brewing water
colorColorless and transparent
smellnot abnormal
Tastenot abnormal
pHNeutral or slightly alkaline
Ironⅼess than 0.02ppm
Ideal for no detection
manganeseⅼess than 0.02ppm
Best if not included
organic substanceⅼess than 5ppm
Nitrite-nitrogenNo detection
Ammoniacal-nitrogenNo detection
Bacteria acidityless than 0.5ppm

Conditions for normal water as reference.
Please check and see the difference between our water and normal.

Normal water Analysis table
Organic substance(ppm)1.9
Silicic acid(ppm)18.80

Water quality standards
Ironⅼess than 0.3ppm
Manganeseⅼess than 0.3ppm
Organic substanceⅼess than 10ppm
CHLORⅼess than 200ppm
Calcium, Magnesium,etcⅼess than 300ppm
ⅼess than 10ppm
pHMore than 5.8 ⅼess than 8.6
Bacteria in generalⅼess than 100 per 1ml