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Won the Platinum Award of “KURA MASTER”

At “KURA MASTER– le grand concours de sake japonais de Paris 2017”, Nanbubijin “Shinpaku” won the Platinum award in the junmai daiginjo category!


I am deeply flattered that Nanbubijin won the world-class competition again following the IWC award.

It is significant that a “Nihon-shu (Japanese sake)” fair is held around the world, especially in France that is traditionally the wine-producing area.

I feel happy that sake is recognized by people around the world. In the U.S., there is a historical sake event called “JOY OF SAKE.”

Indeed, now is the wonderful time that everyone is interested in sake. I want to tell sake’s high level and quality to the world. It is an era where the voice of “Kanpai” seems to be heard from the world.

In order for sake to win the admiration not only in Japan but also in the world, I will make an extra effort as a Japanese sake master.