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Junmai Ginjo

Junmai Ginjo is Nanbu Bijin’s regular sake, so is TOKUBETSU JUNMAI (Special Junmai).

It can give the fine flavor of Ginjo sake and sweet rice taste, also provide tastes of sharpness and fine feeling by including beautiful outlook.

It pairs with any delicious Japanese dishes.


Kouji; Ginotome sake rice

Kakemai; Miyamanishiki sake rice

Rice-polishing ratioKouji ;50% Kakemai;55%
Mother waterSubsoil water from Orizumebasenkyo in Iwate Prefectural Natural Park (water of low to medium calcium content)
YeastM310 Brewing Society of Japan yeast

Kosher Certification


Nanbu Bijin’s Junmai Ginjo has a Kosher Certification, which regard as one of the highest authority of food safety guarantee and also as be in accordance with Jewish religious law.

A religious leaders, called rabbi, check and see ingredients and product processes, and make final decision for this certification.

In U.S.A, Most of all consumers buy with kosher certified foods because they knew it means healthy and safety.

We want to keep delivering our Japanese Sake globally with traditional culture pride, as one of the company with Kosher Certification for Japanese sake and sugar free Plum sake.